Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth and Caregivers

CaRES  LGBTQAI+ Chats | View the recording here
Join us to hear CaRES LGBTQAI+ Specialist Trey speak with Jennifer of Coordinated Care on Medical Resources for Gender Diverse Youth. After the presentation there will be time for questions and answers. 

Supportive Facilitated Discussions

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth in Foster Care: Understanding your child’s identity is critical to providing them the care and support they need to navigate the development years. Children with an LGBTQIA+ identity may need additional support as they navigate extra social and cultural factors.  In this supportive facilitated discussion group, you will have an opportunity to talk through LGBTQIA+ terminology and identify concrete tools you can use to support a child’s LGBTQIA+ identity.
During the two facilitated discussion sessions, you can ask questions about support resources, share ways you have supported a child in your care, and hear how other caregivers have navigated situations related to a child’s LGBTQIA+ identity. Register here!

Navigating Fostering as a LGBTQIA+ Caregiver: As an LGBTQIA+ caregiver have you felt that your Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) impacts your fostering journey?
In this supportive facilitated discussion group, you will get a chance to talk with other LGBTQIA+ kinship and foster caregivers about their experiences and share your own.  As a group, you will talk about useful tools and techniques for navigating common issues faced by LGBTIA+ caregivers and use these to develop strategies specifically for your family.
This single session facilitated discussion is specifically for kinship and foster caregivers who identify as LGBTQIA+ caring for children with any SOGIE. Register Here!

Show support from day one with FREE PRIDE + CaRES items

Entering a new foster home brings with it the fear of the unknown. This can be especially true for LGBTQIA+ youth.
The more we can do up front to make them feel welcome the quicker their fear and anxiety can make way for growth and joy.
One way to show up as an Ally from day one is with a silent display to the youth entering your home you are an ally and safe place for support.  
The images to either side are PDF files. These FREE downloads can be printed and hung in your house or car. You can also request a FREE vinyl sticker (use the form below) to display.

CaRES can help you show your support. Request a free sticker to display.